Confidently secure the right funding solution for your business or client

Business loan specialists

Business loan specialists

CreditSME Overview

CreditSME is a credit and debt specialist that arranges debt funding solutions for businesses on the best available terms. CreditSME is experienced in arranging loan facilities across the full suite of loan types including bank loans and overdrafts, unsecured loans, commercial finance, invoice finance, trade finance, equipment finance, acquisition finance, terms loans for growth funding, venture debt, bank guarantees and surety bond facilities, project finance and development finance. 

CreditSME has relationships with over 125 lenders including all of the major banks, specialists working capital financiers, property finance specialists, equipment financiers, credit funds, venture debt funds and other private lenders to ensure clients are matched to the most optimal lender and funding solution.   

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CreditSME Services

Online Lender Match

CreditSME provides an online lender match to enable businesses to quickly obtain the best loan terms available for their specific funding requirement from over 125 lenders. 

After receiving indicative loan terms, businesses can then request CreditSME to manage the loan application with the selected lender through to loan approval and funding. 

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Commercial Finance Broking

CreditSME provides a commercial finance broking service to businesses for any business or commercial funding requirement. 

CreditSME is licensed to arrange commercial and business finance facilities with all of the key lenders in the market. CreditSME has a strong understanding of the lending appetite and approval processes of these lenders to enable a targeted and efficient loan application process and on timelines that are well defined and achievable.  

Complete an "Apply Now" application to get the process started and we'll provide indicative loan terms and/or get in contact to discuss your business and funding requirement in more detail if needed. 

Debt Advisory

CreditSME provides a debt advisory service to businesses that is typically for new loans or a refinancing of greater than $2m.

This service includes a detailed analysis of the profile and funding requirements of the business and implementing a funding plan and process to extract the optimal loan terms from lenders.

About Us

The team at CreditSME have extensive experience in credit analysis, business lending and debt advisory for businesses of all sizes. The experience of the team spans domestic and international commercial and investment banks across advisory, lending and credit. 

CreditSME has partnered with over 125 bank and non-bank lenders including the major Australian banks, regional banks, specialist non-bank lenders, marketplace lending platforms, credit funds and other private investors. These lenders have been selected to best ensure businesses have access to the most suitable funders and best available loan terms.

CreditSME is an authorised credit representative under Australian Credit Licence 384704, an accredited member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia and a member of Fintech Australia.

Why use CreditSME?

Benefits to clients

  • Get the best loan terms available
  • Experienced loan professionals
  • All business loan types
  • Access to 125+ lenders
  • No impact on credit score
  • Streamlined approval process

Simple process

  • Discuss funding requirements or complete application
  • Receive best loan terms available
  • Select preferred lender
  • CreditSME arranges loan approval
  • Funding available from 2 days

CreditSME strengths

  • Expertise and experience
  • Specialise solely in business finance 
  • Industry coverage
  • Knowledge of lender approval criteria and processes

CreditSME Clients

Businesses: CreditSME's typical clients are operating businesses that have been in business for over 2 years and have a need for debt funding requirement of $1m or higher (or lower for equipment finance). The typical need for funding for CreditSME's clients stems from both day to day operating factors such as growth in the business, short term cashflow constraints and the need for increased working capital flexibility and one off transactions such as the purchase of equipment, acquisition of another business or the purchase of a property. CreditSME's client base spans a wide range of industries and business sizes with revenues typically in the range of $5m to $150m per annum.     

Business Advisors: The vast majority of CreditSME's clients are referred by advisors to businesses and their owners including accountants, lawyers, financial planners and mortgage brokers. CreditSME welcomes a discussion with an business advisors to see how we can assist your clients with the debt funding requirements and structuring. 

CreditSME Coverage


CreditSME is able to arrange business loans for companies across all sectors including:

  • Building Products
  • Construction Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Recruitment and labour hire
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Transport
  • Property management

Lender partners:

CreditSME has partnered with 125+ lenders and investors to best ensure a loan solution for all businesses including:

  • Major and regional banks
  • Trade financiers
  • Equipment financiers
  • Debtor financiers
  • Peer to peer platforms
  • Online non-bank lenders
  • Unsecured/cashflow lenders
  • Commercial property financiers
  • Credit funds
  • Private investors