Lender match platform for your business

Credit made easy for SMEs

Credit made easy for SMEs

What is CreditSME?

CreditSME is a business loan specialist that quickly and confidently arranges loans for businesses from $20k to $20m on the best available terms from a panel of over 60 bank and non-bank lenders. Loan types include bank loans and overdrafts, unsecured busines loans, unsecured lines of creditcommercial finance, invoice finance, trade finance, equipment finance and acquisition finance

CreditSME simplifies the loan application and approval process by using a proprietary platform and scoring model to quickly match your business to the most suitable lenders and get the best available loan terms.  

Lender Match

Lender Match

Know the type of business loan you're looking for?

Click here to select the business loan type and complete some basic information on your business and funding requirement and we'll promptly provide you with the most suitable lenders (from over 60 lenders) and best loan terms available for your business.

One of our experienced banking and lending professionals will then help you all the way through the business loan application and funding process.

Not sure what business loan type is best for your business?

Click here to request a free Lender Match report and see what business loan options are available for your business. 

You will then promptly receive a report on your business that includes CreditSME Borrower Score and a number of business loan alternatives including loan type, interest rates and other key terms (all without impacting your credit bureau score).

Borrower Score

Borrower Score

Want to know how lenders will assess your business? 

Get your CreditSME Borrower Score (free as part of a Lender Match application) to see how lenders will assess your business. 

The CreditSME Borrower Score is generated from an automated analysis of your financials, operating profile and industry. This score will help you understand how lenders will view your business, the best lenders for your business and the likelihood of the lender approving your loan application.

Why use CreditSME?


  • Get the best loan terms available
  • No cost or obligation to your business
  • Experienced loan professionals
  • All business loan types
  • Access to 50+ lenders
  • No impact on credit score
  • Streamlined approval process

How it works

  • Complete loan or lender match application
  • Receive best loan terms available
  • Select preferred lender
  • CreditSME arranges loan approval
  • Funding available from 2 days

Funding available for

  • Working capital
  • Equipment
  • Commercial property
  • Inventory
  • Acquire another business
  • Various other uses

Lender Partners

CreditSME's business loan partners includes:

Major Australian banks;

Regional banks;

Specialist non-bank lenders;

Peer to peer business loan platforms;

Private funders and investors. 

These 50+ lenders have been selected to best ensure businesses have access to the most suitable funders and best available loan terms.



CreditSME is able to arrange business loans for companies across all sectors including:

  • Building/Construction Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and Advertising
  • Retail/Wholesale
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Recruitment and labour hire
  • Fast moving consumer goods

Lender partners:

CreditSME has partnered with 50+ lenders and platforms to best ensure a loan solution for all businesses including:

  • Major banks
  • Regional banks
  • Equipment financiers
  • Debtor financiers
  • Peer to peer platforms
  • Online non-bank lenders
  • Unsecured/cashflow lenders

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