Commercial Property Loans

There are a wide range of lending options available to businesses looking to finance the acquisiiton of a property, refinance an existing property backed facility, fund the development of a property or use a property as security to raise finance for a business. The following outlines some of the key factors of a typical commercial property loan.   

Lenders: Major banks, regional banks, credit funds, private lenders and various non-bank lenders.

Eligible Security: Warehouses, factories, vacant land, hotels, office suites, retail premises and other more specialised assets such as service stations and childcare centres.

Borrowers: Businesses, developers, investors, trusts and self managed super funds.

Use of funds: Acquire property, refinance an existing facility, development, general business purposes.

Terms: Interest rates from 3.8%, LVR to 80%, term of 10 to 30 years. These rates will be based on the type and location of the property, LVR required, serviceability through income generated from the property or business that operates from the property, use of funds and profile of the borrower.

CreditSME is experienced in arranging all types of commercial property funding. Please complete the application form below to get the ball rolling for your commercial property finance or give us a call to discuss your funding requirements on 1300 001 567.

Typical loan options

Lender: Banks

  • Loans from 3.8%
  • LVR to 80%
  • 3-5 years interest only
  • Companies, trusts, SMSF's, individuals
  • Up to 30yr loan term

Lender: Non-banks

  • Loans from 5.2% full doc
  • LVR to 80%
  • Companies, trusts, SMSF's, individuals
  • Up to 30yr loan term

Low doc (banks and non-banks)

  • Interest rate from 4.1%
  • LVR to 80%
  • Companies, trusts, individuals

CreditSME's Commercial Property Lender Partners

CreditSME's panel of commercial property lender partners comprises:

  • Major Australian banks;
  • Regional banks and building societies;
  • Non-bank lenders (specialists in commercial property);
  • Commercial property funds; and
  • Private funders/investors

to best ensure that we can obtain the best commercial loan terms for every situation.

Why use CreditSME?

Commercial Property Loan Types

  • Eligible property: Commercial, Office, Retail, Agricultural, Industrial
  • Eligible borrowers: Businesses, Trusts, Individuals, SMSF's
  • Types: Full or low doc loans
  • Locations: Australia wide

Benefits of using CreditSME

  • Get the best rates and terms available without impacting your cerdit score
  • No cost to your business
  • Access to a wide range of lenders and promotional terms
  • All loan products and types
  • Streamlined and efficient approval process

How it works

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  • CreditSME will promptly provide the best loan options available
  • You select the preferred option
  • CreditSME arranges the selected loan option
  • Funding can be available from 1 week 

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