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Commercial Property Loans

There are a wide range of lending options available to businesses looking to purchase commercial property or use commerical property as security over a business loan.

Lenders: Major banks, regional banks, specialised property focused lenders and various non-bank lenders.

Eligible Security: Warehouses, factories, hotels, office suites, retail premises and other more specialised assets such as service stations and childcare centres.

Borrowers: Businesses, individuals, trusts and self managed super funds.

Terms: Interest rates from 3.8%, LVR 60% to 80%, term of 10 to 30 years. These rates will be based on the type and location of the property, LVR required and profile of the borrower.

Typical loan options

Lender: Banks

  • Loans from 3.8%
  • LVR to 80%
  • 3-5 years interest only
  • Companies, trusts, SMSF's, individuals
  • Up to 20yr loan term

Lender: Non-banks

  • Loans from 5.2% full doc
  • LVR to 80%
  • Companies, trusts, SMSF's, individuals
  • Up to 30yr loan term

Low doc (banks and non-banks)

  • Interest rate from 5.0%
  • LVR to 70%
  • Companies, trusts, individuals

CreditSME's Commercial Property Lender Partners

CreditSME's panel of commercial property lender partners comprises:

  • Major Australian banks;
  • Regional banks and building societies;
  • Non-bank lenders (specialists in commercial property);
  • Commercial property funds; and
  • Private funders/investors

to best ensure that we can obtain the best commercial loan terms for every situation.

Why use CreditSME?

Commercial Property Loan Types

  • Eligible property: Commercial, Office, Retail, Agricultural, Industrial
  • Eligible borrowers: Businesses, Trusts, Individuals, SMSF's
  • Types: Full or low doc loans
  • Locations: Australia wide

Benefits of using CreditSME

  • Get the best rates and terms available
  • No cost to your business
  • Access to a wide range of lenders and promotional terms
  • All loan products and types
  • Streamlined and efficient approval process

How it works

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  • You select the preferred option
  • CreditSME arranges the selected loan option
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