Lender Match

CreditSME has developed a platform to make it simple and time effective for businesses to get a business loan on the most competitive terms available.

Use our quick loan application by clicking here or the more comprehensive lender match by applying below. 

CreditSME will then match your company to the most suitable lender(s) based on your profile and financing requirements and provide indicative loan terms (without impacting your credit bureau score) and help you through the loan process with the selected lender. 

CreditSME has partnered with over 50 banks and non-bank lenders to best ensure there is a financing solution available to the widest possible range of businesses.

Lender Match

Lender Match


  • CreditSME Borrower Score and report that details how your business will be viewed by prospective lenders
  • Provides the best indicative business loan terms available for the debt facility being sought  
  • Outlines the information that is required to submit a loan application with the different lenders
  • Provides the expected timing and likelihood of loan approval and funding


  • Understanding of the types of business loans that are most suitable for your business
  • Source the most suitable business loan on the lowest interest rate available
  • Obtain indicative loan terms without impacting your business credit score
  • Get your business funded on the best terms available
Benefits of CreditSME Lender Match

Benefits of CreditSME Lender Match

  • Access to over 50 bank and non-bank lenders
  • Experienced banking and lending professionals to manage your business loan
  • Quick and simple yet meaningful match to the most suitable lenders that will fund your business on the best terms
  • Automated lender match platform and independent from any lenders to ensure unbiased lender matches
  • A streamlined and fast tracked loan application and approval process


CreditSME Score

  • CreditSME Borrower Score and Report 
  • Recommended lender profile for the additional finance facility being sought

Lender Match

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  • CreditSME Borrower Score and Report
  • Lender match to the most suitable lender(s) 
  • Indicative loan terms from the selected lenders 
  • Outline of loan application and approval process 
  • Assistance in arranging and finalising loan approval and funding

Lender Match

  • CreditSME Borrower Score and Report
  • CreditSME Borrower Score under various scenarios with differing levels of finance
  • Matched to most suitable lender(s) for selected loan size scenario
  • Outline of loan application and approval process
  • Assistance in arranging and finalising loan approval and funding

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