Trade Finance

Trade Finance (import finance, export finance, purchase order finance and supply chain finance) can be a cost effective way of funding your business and without the need of the owners to provide property security. 

For importers, trade finance typically works by the lender making the payments to your suppliers (domestic or international) and your business repaying these amounts within an agreed time (up to 180 days). These facilities can be structured to suit your business requirements.  

For exporters, there are a variety of funding options available that will depend upon the terms of trade and product being sold.

Interest rates on trade finance facilities can start with a margin over the RBA cash rate at around the 1.5% p.a range with bank lenders and around 3.0% p.a with non-bank lenders.

Typical use of funds: purchase stock from overseas suppliers for business inventory or to supply into purchase orders.

Trade Finance

Complete the following to promptly and efficiently obtain the best trade finance terms from the most suitable lenders.  

Benefits of Trade Finance

Benefits of trade finance for businesses:

  • Cost effective form of financing;
  • Typically no property security required;
  • Funding available in mulitple currencies;
  • Tailored to your business funding requirements.

Benefits of using CreditSME to arrange your trade finance facility:

  • Experienced lending professionals assisting you through the loan process;
  • Complete independence from any lenders to ensure unbiased recommendations;
  • Access to over 60 bank and non-bank lenders;
  • Same day and genuine indicative loan terms from lenders; and
  • A streamlined and fast tracked loan application and approval process

Trade Finance Alternatives

Bank facility

  • Finance in mutliple currencies
  • Low interest rates (from 1.5% pa margin over base rate)
  • Integrated FX offering
  • Secured over business
  • Drawdown term to 180 days  

Non-bank facility

  • Finance in multiple currencies
  • Rates from 3.0% pa margin over base rate
  • Intergrated FX offering
  • Can be unsecured
  • Can be in addition to bank facility
  • Drawdown term to 210 days

Structured facility

  • Unsecured
  • Tailored to funding requirements
  • Additional to bank facility
  • Rates from 2.0% margin over base rate
  • Drawdown term to 210 days