CreditSME was established in 2016 to assist businesses access the right funding solution on the most competitive pricing. The business was established by Adam Welsh who had over 20 years experience in financial services across lending, advisory and credit underwriting at various major banks and investment banks including Goldman Sachs and Mitsubishi UFJ. Adam was eager to apply this extensive debt and advisory experience to assist small and medium sized businesses with their debt funding requirements. 

CreditSME has a strong understanding of the lending appetite and overall underwriting process of over 120 bank and non-bank lenders to the small and medium sized business market. This knowledge and broad panel of lenders enables CreditSME to match every client with a debt funding requirement to the most suitable lender, regardless of the loan type/size, profile of the business/project, and security on offer (if any). 

In addition to the hands on experience of the team in arranging funding solutions for businesses, CreditSME leverages the power of financial technology to best ensure an efficient and streamlined loan approval and funding process for its clients.

Why use CreditSME?


  • Best rates and terms available
  • Access to best rates from 120+ lenders
  • No cost or obligation to your business
  • No impact on your credit score
  • Streamlined loan approval process
  • Experienced lending professionals

How it works

  • Complete the below application form
  • CreditSME conducts assessment
  • Receive your indicative loans terms within hours
  • Select the preferred loan option
  • CreditSME arranges finance with the preferred lender

Loan types

  • All business loan types
  • Secured and unsecured
  • Full doc and low doc
  • Bank and non-bank

CreditSME's Lender Partners

CreditSME's lender partners includes:

  • All the major Australian banks;
  • Regional and international banks; 
  • Specialist non-bank lenders;
  • Peer to peer small business loan platforms; and
  • Various private funders to Australian businesses.


CreditSME is an authorised credit representative (CRN 493295) of the Australian Credit Licensee Finsure Finance & Insurance (ACL 384704) and an accredited member of the FBAA (334408) and Credit and Investments Ombudsman (36363).

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