Business Loan Specialist

CreditSME is a business loan specialist for small and medium sized businesses. CreditSME arranges business loans for any purpose and are focused on loan sizes up to $20m. The types of business loans that we specialise in include bank loans and lines of credit, equipment finance, invoice finance, trade finance, commercial property finance and unsecured loans.

CreditSME has strong relationships with over 60 bank and non-bank lenders so that we can quickly match your business up to the most suitable lender and get the most competive terms available to your business.    

Business loan services

Express Loan

CreditSME can quickly provide you with the most suitable lender and best loan terms available with some very high level information on your business and funding requirement. If you are happy with the terms provided, CreditSME will then submit a formal application with the selected lender and manage the process through to funding.

This option is great for business seeking business loans of less than $500k and works particularly well for unsecured business loans, equipment finance and invoice finance where funds are required within 1 week.

Lender Match

CreditSME's Lender Match service provides businesses with a detailed report on how lenders will assess their business and the optimum funding alternatives and loan terms available.

The Lender Match is great for businesses seeking loans in excess of $500k or for businesses that are unsure of the loan types that will be most suitable for their business.


CreditSME can conduct a review of your existing business loan facilities and provide an analysis of the potential cost savings that could be achieved with a refinancing of the facilities.

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