Referral Partners

CreditSME has developed a proprietary borrower scoring and lender match platform to quickly and confidently match businesses up to the most suitable lender and obtain the best available loan terms.

Our partner program enables advisors to small and medium sized businesses to easily offer this value added service to their client base, at no cost or obligation to the client or advisor.

How it works?

Register: Follow the above link to complete a short registration form and become a CreditSME Referral Partner. 

Refer: Once signed up as a Referral Partner, partners are provided access to the CreditSME Partner Portal. The portal allows a quick (less than 5 minutes) and easy referral process with the completion of a short questionnaire on the clients’ business and financing requirements.

Report: CreditSME will promptly prepare a report that includes the the clients borrower score, recommended lenders for the client's financing requirements, indicative loan terms, the information that is required to submit a formal loan application with the different lenders and expected timing of loan approval and funding.

Funding: Once the client selects the preferred lender, one of CreditSME's experienced lending professionals will assist the client and partner with the loan application process through to loan approval and funding. The Partner has the flexibility to be actively involved in the loan approval process or not and either way will be kept informed of the status of the loan approval process. 

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