Rent roll finance

Rent roll finance is an effective funding tool for property management businesses with cost effective and flexible funding terms. Rent roll finance can be used for a varierty of funding purposes including the acquisition of another rent roll or business, general working capital or as a source of a deposit for the acquisition of a commercial or residential property. 

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Typical loan terms - Rent Roll Finance

  1. Interest rate: 5.3% to 7.0% p.a with bank lenders and 8.0% to 12% p.a with private lenders
  2. Loan size: 60% to 70% of the valuation of the rent roll (that can include the value of a rent roll being acquired)
  3. Establishment fees: 0.6% to 0.75% of the facility amount with mainstream lenders, 1% to 2.0% for private lenders

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  • Strong understanding of the sector and active lenders
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  • No impact on yur business credit score

How it works

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Lender assessment factors

  • Location of properties
  • Number of properties
  • Net property management income 
  • Track record of business owner
  • Loan to value of business

Recent transactions

The following summarises a few recent completed transactions;

  • $1m facility with a major bank for a Sydney based property management business that was acquiring another rent roll;
  • $200k line of credit facility with a non-bank lender to assist a Melbourne based property management business with their day to day cashflow;
  • $850k term loan and overdraft facility with a bank lender for a Brisbane based real estate business that was seeking capital to grow the business and also leveraging the equity in the business to finance 100% of a commercial property purchase;
  • $750k facility with a major bank for a Sydney based real estate business to acquire another rent roll;
  • $400k term loan with a private funder for a Melbourne based real estate business that urgently required funds to repay an ATO liability; and
  • $350k term loan facility with a major bank for a Brisbane based property management business to expedite the organic growth of the business.     

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